Clio presents Millpu collection inspired by the turquoise water pools which bear its name and by the fascinating transition of colors that nature offers us through the seasons of the year.

The natural environment is located within the canyons of Cicamarca in Ayacucho, Peru; where the rocky and staggered formations, combined with the flora that grows around it, give us a varied color palette and through the knitting allow us to interpret the Peruvian nature and be able to wear it on our clothes.

This allows Clio to present a collection of garments featuring important textures and shapes to offer versatile and feminine silhouettes. We create hand-knitted garments using the finest alpaca yarns to create a unique and timeless collection that will endure over time.

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yaku cardigan
$122.00 USD

Sold out

urpi vest

puya cardigan
$125.00 USD

apu sweater
$84.00 USD

kantu skirt
$76.00 USD

wayra sweater
$83.00 USD

sani pants
$99.00 USD

qora scarf
$75.00 USD

wara balaclava
$40.00 USD

kusi sweater
$114.00 USD

Sold out

rumi vest

Sold out

illa sweater