Tierra is a collection inspired by the mystical and breathtaking natural and archaeological sites located in Cusco, which all Peruvians unanimously feel proud of.

The circular terraces of Moray, the stepped shapes of the salt ponds in Maras, and the impressive coloration of rainbow mountain "Vinicunca" inspire this collection. Tierra is full of textures and colors, with comfortable and versatile silhouettes for the winter season. Hand knitting using traditional techniques such as needles, intarsia, and embroidery.

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moray sweater
$173.00 USD

quebrada vest
$136.00 USD

origen sweater
$86.00 USD

nevado knit
$77.00 USD

valle sweater
$192.00 USD

raymi skirt
$104.00 USD

montaña cardigan
$166.00 USD

maras sweater
$190.00 USD

anden tunic
$145.00 USD

tierra pants
$123.00 USD

horizonte scarf
$97.00 USD

salineras sweater
$143.00 USD